Our Approach

See IT First’s core approach is inspired from key principles of Design Thinking, Agile, Lean UX and Requirement Visualization.  We are partnered with and powered by Outsystems as a disruptive and revolutionary software that lends itself to a “fail fast” mentality to innovate and customize applications to your business.  

When it comes to the system experience of customers, clients and/or stakeholder requirements, everyone needs to actually “See It First” before they know if A) the application performs their desired task or function and B) if after seeing it, does it pass the "Jobs to Be Done" framework meeting the user needs and overall value proposition.  

The problem with the above statement is when the consumer "sees" their requirement, its too far along the development process, so making changes is costly and timely. The trick is get requirements right early on, the best path is to fail fast. If it doesn't work, move on to another solution that does.

There is no excuse to keep doing the same thing or something similar, expecting a different result. Make a change to make a difference; adapt to the advances in the way to build applications. Our methods produce real, tangible results... FAST.

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Make the change today

Start today and make a change in a broken system. Let us show you how the combination of a rapid development process (Design Thinking + Agile + Lean UX) and a full-stack development tool produces what you want, faster than you thought possible.